I Feel For Those Affected By Last Night

I heard many stories, today, about parishioners who were affected by the storms last night.  Many had water issues in their homes or the homes of their children.  Flooded streets, flooded basements, flooded creeks and rivers, they all abounded last night and today.

The weather alert has been going on and off all day saying that we have flood warnings until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

When I went to the church this morning to open up, we had our own water woes.  Water had come into the chapel from our flat roof being flooded.  Some water also got into areas of the church.  With the driving rain that we had last night, that was — unfortunately — to be expected.  But, all in all, we fared better than a lot of other Munster residents.

Here’s hoping to some calmer and more seasonable weather tomorrow and next week!

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