“Big” Appointment

Today I had what my eye doctor likes to call my “big appointment”.  That means that I not only am there for my pressure checks for my glaucoma but also have an array of other exams:  visual field test, optic nerve photography, and complete dilated exam where she beams the light of the sun into my eyes. (All right, maybe not the entire sun; but, it sure feels like that!)  She also checks the retinas as well as the eyes for any diabetic damage or macular degeneration.

Anyway, I’m glad to report that all is still reasonably well.  The damage that I have to my optic nerves has not increased and my vision is still okay.  There is no diabetic change to my eyes and everything is stable.  My pressures are also holding their own (with three different eye drops a day).

Next test is in three months.  That will be another pressure check.  The next big exam will not be until next May.

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