Memories Of My Dad

Well, a day after Father’s Day and I’m still thinking about him but only because this meme popped up on Facebook.

All of our ears hurt at our house because my dad was extremely hard of hearing and wouldn’t admit it.  The television blared so loud that we would often leave the living room and let him watch TV alone.  I remember the day that he came home with his new hearing aids and turned on the television.  It came up to his previous level and he shouted, “J***S C***T!  Why is the TV so loud?!”  We all looked at him and said that we didn’t touch the set.  That’s how loud he listened to it.

He couldn’t believe it at first but became more convinced over the next week when we kept shouting at him whenever we would talk to him.  “J****S C****T, I can hear!” would be his response and we would say oops and lower our voice.  He said, “Did you really have to shout at me that loud?”

Yeah.  We did.  So, if anyone in your family or among your friends is indicating that you might need to have your hearing checked, please have the humility to go for a check up.  You will thank them once you are able to hear again!

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