As Stupid Does

I felt like a Forrest Gump commercial this morning as I was lying on the church floor after falling from a chair that I was standing upon.  Yeah.  Long story.  I had already done it once in order to have my picture taken next to one of the stained glass windows.

As I was reprising my role, I attempted to get on the chair at a second window.  I faltered and down I went in slow motion.  All I could think was, “Don’t break the hip joint, don’t break the hip joint.”  I skinned the bottom of my leg and, even more, pulled my right calf muscle.  I’ve been hobbling around all day.  It hurt like the dickens.

We were doing pictures for a story on St. Thomas More and his martyrdom and religious liberty.  When I was on the floor, I told the photographer, “Look.  A martyr.  All in red.”  (I still had my red vestment on from Mass.)

I have been consuming Tylenol regularly today and am certain that I will be sore tomorrow but it doesn’t seem that I injured anything too badly.  Just my pride.

Tomorrow opens our parish festival.  Hope to see you there!  Look for the cripple in the Information Booth!  🙂

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