Opening Night

Tonight was opening night for our parish festival.  I saw a lot of people who complained about our not having the carnival this year.  There’s not much we can do about that, folks.  We’re doing the best we can with the circumstances given to us and complaints don’t help, especially since so many people complained when there were carnival rides.  One thing I’ve learned a long time ago is that you’ve never going to please everybody.

But if you come with an open mind, I think you’ll enjoy the music as well as some really fine food.  We have many of our former food vendors back and some new ones as well.  I can say that everything is really good.

If the weather holds the next few days, come join us and enjoy the evenings! Oh, and if you’re wondering how I feel today, I’m sore but better.  I bailed from the festival early because I was sore and tired and got a lot of sun today but I’ll be rested and ready to go tomorrow.

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