My Planning Ahead

I am a bit of a contradiction in many ways.  Okay, maybe more than a bit at times.  One of the ways is in planning ahead.  I believe in planning and the benefits of planning.  At the same time, I believe in spontaneity.  Beside this daily blog of random thoughts, I write a Daily Reflection.  I try to write it the day before it is to publish so that the reflections can be a current as possible.  I do not like working days or weeks ahead.

Last Friday, I wrote the reflection for Saturday.  Sunday’s had already been written and queued up to publish since it is the reflection in my Pastor’s Column in our parish bulletin.  I was so glad that happened because, as it turned out, I was hospitalized Friday morning for a leg infection and I would not have been in a position to write Saturday or Sunday’s reflections.  That also gave me the time that I needed to set up my laptop and pull together a reflection for Monday while in the hospital.

So, there’s a bit of a tension between writing something “fresh” and having something ready to go days — or even weeks — ahead.  I don’t know if I will ever find the right balance.

I struggle each day with preparation for many things so immediate and some weeks or months away.  I find it difficult to write for future events not knowing for certain what will be happening at that time.  I guess that is a part of many writers’ struggles.

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