Antibiotics are wonderful in that they help to clear up infections and bring people back to health.  However, they also have a host of side effects which are obnoxious.  They tend to rip the gut up, necessitating taking probiotics to keep the gut healthy.  And they also tend to make people feel really beat up.  I’ve been on my antibiotic all week now and, I have to tell you, I am just exhausted.  It’s going to feel good not taking them soon.  Tomorrow is my last dose.

I see my doctor for a follow up on Wednesday and I doubt if he will renew the prescription because the wound is looking so much better day by day now.  This morning, it was pale pink and flesh colored.  Such a change from the angry red it was at the height of the infection.  The cellulitis around the wound is also gone and the skin is not as tight anymore.  Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

Since the meds are making me so drowsy, I am going to raise the white flag, declare my surrender, and go to sleep.  I’m hoping for a restful night.

See you tomorrow.

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