Totally Isolated

Today was a pretty busy day for me.  Around 4:45 p.m., I had a chance to sit outside for a short while as I waited for an appointment to show up.  I was on a bench at the back of the offices and what I saw really amazed me.

While sitting there, I was passed by several young people.  Most of them were by themselves.  Some were riding bikes.  Some were walking.  Some were on scooters.  The thing they all had in common was that they were totally isolated from the world around them.

They never even saw me as they were completely focused on their phones.  They were either texting or playing games.  One was talking on the phone.  None were looking around at all.  I thought to myself that they could easily crash into something.  They were totally oblivious.

I’ve heard people comment about this before and, well, I saw it play out this afternoon.

Open your eyes, folks.  Look around.  Make sure you’re familiar with the areas you enter.  Anything could happen and most likely will happen if you keep yourselves unaware.

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