Walls And Floors

I’ve been doing some looking and planning on the condo.  I’ve got my colors picked for the rooms.

The entry foyer, guest room, and living room are going to be done in creme fraiche.


The accent wall in the living room and the master bedroom are going to be done in pale sky.


The kitchen, dining nook, and gathering room are going to be done in natural light.


The carpet is going to be taken out and replaced with a vinyl wood grained flooring (Iron Dune).  Can’t wait to see the condo when it’s completed.  It’ll look fresh and clean.

I had someone come in today to work up an estimate to replace the furnace and air conditioner.  They’re both past end of life.  If you looked behind the building, you’d see a line of condensers, many of them originals (including mine).  You can also see some that have been replaced in the past.  What a difference a new unit will make.  It will also have the new refrigerant in it.  The furnace will also be the new, energy efficient units.  They’ll both save money on utilities in the long run.  Spending money to make money. 🙂

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