Paint Purchased

I bought a ton of paint for my condo.  Over the next few weeks, a good friend will be coming in to paint the place for me.  I’m very grateful for his gift of doing that for me.  Good friends rock!

We lucked out with the weather last night.  The predicted storms never really materialized but the fronts are still shifting nonetheless as my head will corroborate.  The baseball players are happy for that as the Little League fields are full with competition at this time of the summer.

Can you believe we only have three weeks left to the beginning of a new school year?!  I wonder what it will look like this year with the coronavirus flexing its muscles again.  sigh

Stay safe, folks.  Mask if you are going to be indoors among large groups of people.  If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please, for the love of God, consider doing so.  If you don’t have a medical condition that prohibits your being vaccinated, you really should be.

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