More Shopping Today

I began my day with morning Mass, breakfast with Deacon Joe, and a funeral Mass for Dr. Art Branco.  It was sad to see him go but the funeral was a great celebration of a life well-lived.

Afterwards, I went to a local store and ordered a new refrigerator for my condo.  The one that was in the unit was old and “questionable” in my mind (rust around water dispenser for one thing) and I decided it would be better to purchase a new one.  It will be delivered whenever I call the store and tell them they can bring it.  I need to wait for the condo to be painted and the tile floor in the kitchen to be cleaned.  A lot of the grout in the tile is dirty while there are a few places that had been protected by an area rug over the years that show a pristine tile grout.  I want that all done before I roll a new fridge in.

I’m also shopping for ceiling fans/lights for the condo.  Again, the other fan/light combos are older, dirty, and grungy looking.  I found out today, though, that ceiling fans are more than abundant.  The choices!  Oy.  🙂

Those were the highlights of my day.  The down part of my day is living with my allergies and arthritis in my back.  This weather is not helping those conditions at all.  However, I know that better days are ahead as soon as the fronts quit shifting so radically.

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