The Day Derailed

Today was supposed to be a generally easy day.  Oh, I had an appointment scheduled here or there; but, it was supposed to go smoothly.  That derailed in the morning when I received my first hospital emergency call.  I had to go anoint someone who is dying.  I was happy to do it.  I have to admit thinking to myself, though, “Is this saying something about the day?”

Yep.  It was.  The rest of the day went from one thing to another, most of them not on my schedule or planned out.  Some of the things there were planned had to be rescheduled.  It became quite a bit chaotic.

But, you want to know something?  I kind of thrive in chaos.  Oh, sure, I’ll gripe about it.  But it can be kind of exciting. 🙂

What’s even more exciting is that I just got to the rectory and I’m going to hit the sack and try to sleep.  Yee haw…

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