A Sense Of Accomplishment

After parish work this morning and a deanery meeting this afternoon, I got back to the office to find my Advent Reflections returned to me from the person who proofread them.  I made corrections and sent the data file to the person who is the next step in the process to create our annual Advent Reflection Booklet.  I’m glad that my part of this is complete.

Tomorrow, I have to tie up some loose ends at the parish and pack.  Wednesday morning, I will be leaving for Cincinnati for the annual conference of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.  I’m looking forward to that for two reasons.  First, I really need to get away and take a break.  Second, they do a fantastic job educating us on the plight of the Christians in the Holy Land and propose things that we, as an order, can do to help.

I finished typing my minutes from today’s deanery meeting and sending them to one of the priests to proofread.  Now, I’m heading to the house to crash for the night.

g’night, world

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