I’m in Cincinnati.  I left the parish around 9:30 a.m.  Right before Lafayette, I hit rain.  I mean real rain.  I mean hard rain.  There were some periods that it was almost too hard to see.  The rain covered about 2/3 of the trip down today so when I finally arrived in Cincinnati, my shoulders and neck were sore from the tension and I had a throbbing headache.  I hope to rest well tonight!

The room that I booked was not ready and I was told would not be ready so they upgraded me to a mini-suite looking at the river.  You can see the hotel that I stayed in last year when I went to Covington, KY for a private retreat.

Setting no alarm tonight and plan on sleeping.  I hope I can sleep.  Sometimes it’s hard when at a place not my own.

I’m going to save this and relax and read.  More tomorrow.

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