It Was Great!

As I noted yesterday, I got to my condo yesterday and spent the night.  One of the things that I am going to have to learn is the sounds of my condo.  It is a very quiet unit in terms of hearing any noise from apartments; but, it makes sounds all on its own as any place does.

For example, when the furnace turns on, there is a whirring sound of the igniter and the “whoosh” of the flames beginning.  Afterwards, when the unit is at temp, the furnace turns off and, a couple minutes later, you can hear pinging noises for a bit as the ductwork cools.  As I say, the unique sounds of a place.

But the place itself, solid.  And comfortable.  And enjoyable.

I christened the unit with its first set of smells as well.  I made kiszka for lunch.  I had half of it for lunch and warmed up the other half along with scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning.

Ah, the joys of breaking in a residence.  🙂

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