It Doesn’t Feel Any Different

Shouldn’t it feel different by now?  It’s May 1st.  Should it be warming up?  Shouldn’t it be sunny?  Shouldn’t it be drier out there?  What the heck is going on with the weather.  I hear that it’s supposed to be warmer later this week (in the 70’s on Thursday, they say) but for now the bouncing temperatures and humidity is making my arthritis and sinuses go beserk.

I’m so ready for summer.

I never said that when I was younger.  Summer meant hot and I didn’t like hot.  But, I’m getting older now and I prefer heat a lot more than cold now.

Even more, I prefer some kind of consistent weather.  If it’s going to be cold, stay cold.  If it’s going to be warm, stay warm.  But quit this vicious cycling back and forth.  That’s making all of us with sinus/allergy/arthritis problems nuts.

That is all.

More tomorrow.

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