The Verdict? The Dreaded Summer Cold.




I hate colds, especially summer colds.  They just take so much out of you.  I guess I shouldn’t feel as if I’m the only one, though.  There seems to be a cold going through the school.  I generally don’t get them from the students but one can never say never, can one?

So, to make the day a little more palatable, I did some work on my upcoming transatlantic cruise.  I was able to book transportation from my hotel in  Civitavecchia, Italy to the port to board the Odyssey of the Seas.  I have a balcony stateroom with an extra large balcony.  This is a look at the type of balcony I will have.

Note the extra space.  I’ll be living it up on the balcony.  It provides coverage so that I can sit outside even on a rainy day!

I also booked a time to see the major show on board.

I will see it on Day Five of the cruise.  That is the day that we port in Valencia, Spain.

I’m really getting excited about the cruise.  There’s less than two months to go and I will be celebrating another birthday on board.  I really like celebrating my birthdays while cruising, preferably on transatlantic cruises!

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