Arf, Arf, Arf

This dog IS learning his new trick:  rest, rest, rest.

I have done a whole lot of nothing today that would tax me any.  I’ve spent a lot of time drifting around the ship and resting.

This morning, I found a great view point on Deck 15.  It was near the front of the ship.  It offered lots of shade, great breezes, splashes of color, proximity to the Freestyle soda machine, and a wonderful view.  Can’t go wrong with that. 🙂

Afterwards (I stayed up there until grabbing a quick lunch at El Loco Fresh), I went to my stateroom to enjoy my balcony and read from my Kindle.

I’ve chosen not to go to any of the shows this evening because I am still fatigued and figure it would be better to rest in order to beat this darn bronchitis and cough.  It is getting much better.  I have about half of my voice back and my cough is not as persistent or deep.  I’m hoping another evening/night of rest will do me more good that staying up way too late watching shows that I can see some other time.

With that, I’ll sign off and turn back to my Kindle and, shortly, to bed. Tomorrow, we port in Nassau.  Until then… 

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