Laptop Death?

I panicked tonight.

I logged in to check emails and do this blog.  My laptop logged in and then, about a minute later, I see a message on the screen, “Locking”.  Then things went dark.

I looked around and tried to restart.  Nada.  When I looked at the side of the laptop, I noticed that no power light was on.  Somehow, the battery to the laptop had discharged AND the power cord that feeds the three plugs on my desk had come unplugged.  Perhaps when the stateroom steward vacuumed earlier?

No matter what the reason, I pushed the plug in all the way below my desk, plugged my computer back in up top, and the power light came on.  I pushed the power button and the computer reboot.  Yay!

Today was port day in Nassau.  As I indicated yesterday, I remained on board and am continuing my rest and relaxation.  I spent a lot of time this morning on the Boardwalk.  There was an incredible breeze coming in there from the back of the ship and it felt SO good in the shade of the Boardwalk.

One of the things I like about the Boardwalk is the carousel.  As an “introduction” to the carousel, when you first enter the Boardwalk, you see different blocks of wood in stages of transformation.

Once complete, the horse joins the rest of the carousel.

Looking at the entrance of the Boardwalk, you can see Royal Caribbean’s concept of “Boardwalk View Balcony Staterooms”.  The balconies face, not the ocean, but the inside of the ship.  One set of balconies open to Central Park, the other to The Boardwalk.

Leaving Nassau tonight and the sun was beginning a spectacular sunset.

Tomorrow, we port at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s private island.  Tomorrow is also the last full day of the cruise.  Friday is “back to reality.”

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