Tend The Soil Of Your Soul

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  ~ Marcel Proust

For the past couple of weeks, the scriptures at our daily Masses have spoken about the “soil” of our hearts and souls and how that soil must be tended so that the seed that is planted therein will have the best opportunity to bloom and grow and produce.

We have often reflected upon how we are responsible to make sure that our soil is cultivated.  We are reminded about the necessity to pray, to do good works, and to live our lives as closely as possible to the manner in which Jesus calls us all to live.

There is another component to the proper tending of our soil, though.  Not only can we cultivate the soil of our souls, others can as well.  As Marcel Proust reminds us, there are people who touch our lives or have touched our lives in very powerful kinds of ways.  Because of what they have said or done, we are an entirely different kind of people.  We might be more holy, more honorable, more Christian because of their example.

We must never forget the good that others have done for us and the example that they have given to us.  If for no other reason, so that, in the manner in which we live our lives, we might be an example to others as well.

We can show our gratitude to others by becoming living examples of love.  We thank them by words of gratitude and thank them by living our own lives to a higher standard.

FAITH ACTION:  Call to mind the people who have been important in your life.  If they are still around, try to thank them.  If they are no longer around, remember them gratefully in prayer.

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