My Stay At Hilton’s Buena Vista Palace At Disney Springs

From Disney Springs, you can see the hotel I am staying.  As you look at the Lego dragon in the lake, the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs in on the left of its head and the Buena Vista Palace is on the right.

The Buena Vista Palace has two buildings, the Gardens and the Tower.  The Garden buildings are pictured below.

The Tower is where I am staying.  The tower has twenty-seven floors.  I am on the twentieth floor.  I get a good view of everything.

I think this is a great shot of the tower reflected in the little lake in front of it.

On top of it, I can see the fireworks at both EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom really well from my little balcony.  This is a winner of a hotel for the times that I do not have the points necessary to stay on property at the Boardwalk.

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