How Will We Be Remembered?

I was asked by one of my parishioners to come to a local funeral home to say a few words at the wake of his uncle who passed away in an accident.  It was at Castle Hill Funeral Home in Dyer.  First of all, Castle Hill is a pretty small place with a pretty small parking lot.  Secondly, his uncle apparently touched the lives of many people.  There were so many overflow cars parked across the street that it looked like Walt’s was having a mega sale!

The family commented — and I echoed those comments in my homily — that they were overwhelmed to see so many people turn out.  They never knew that he was so important to so many people.

That, my friends, is the secret of a life well-lived.  When that many people turn out to let the family know that their loved one was cherished by so many, it brings a lot of comfort and joy.

Here’s to all those people who have touched our lives in special ways and made us who we are!

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