Allow Yourself To Grow

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”  ~ Eric Butterworth

This is one of those phrases that, at first glance, may appear quite trite.  However, it is often the “trite” sayings that grow on a person and take on great depth and meaning.

We are all going to have to go through life.  That is certain.  As soon as we are conceived, the process of going through life begins.  There might be bumps and pitfalls along the way or it may be incredibly smooth sailing.  However, from the moment of our conception to the last moment of our lives, we go through life.

But, if all we do is “go” through life, what a waste!  Life is more than going.  Life should be all about growing.  There are always new things to learn, new experiences awaiting us, new discoveries to celebrate.  If we ignore all of that and merely plod our way through life, something is wrong, something is missing.

Now, that may all be horribly intuitive to you.  “Of course,” you say to yourself, “life is more than going.  Life is all about growing.  If we don’t grow, we will never change or become better.”  Yes.  But, take that observation, now, and apply it to something more than day to day living.    Take that observation and apply it to your spiritual life.

Are you just coasting in your faith?  Are you just going through another day of life rather than growing in the faith?  Are you closer to God today or is your relationship with Him on the same level it was when you were first conceived?

The questions may seem a bit ridiculous; however, the ramifications of your answers are dire.  We should not be satisfied with having the same relationship with God today that we had yesterday.  Our soul exists for much more than that.  We need to draw closer to Him each day in order to continue to be spiritually fed.

FAITH ACTION:  Whether it be by prayer, visiting church, or doing good works, do something today to deepen your spiritual relationship with the Lord.

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