Family often gets together when times are tough.  My sister-in-law was waked this afternoon/evening and several members of the family stopped by to visit my oldest brother and his son and daughter.

My youngest brother and his wife came in from Tennessee this afternoon.  They arrived in time to go to lunch and then make a quick stop to visit my aunt before checking in to their hotel and changing for the wake.  They will be leaving tomorrow after the funeral Mass and luncheon.

Here’s a picture of Rick and Christi visiting Auntie Connie.  She was really happy to see them even though she was having a bad day today.  Kindly keep her in your prayers.  As she would say, don’t pray “against” her.  That is, don’t pray that she keep living.  Pray that she have a peaceful death.  She’s so ready to go.  (By the way, the picture of Uncle Mike and Auntie Connie that I posted yesterday was taken at my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1991.)

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  1. As much as I appreciate all your ‘comments’, I am so sorry to hear of your ‘sorrows’. I was at the beauty shop today and the beautician told me she was related to the family, and that she attended the wake for your family and talked to you. Please know that my prayer will be sent and heard. I hope and pray that you are o.k., too. God Bless!

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