Change Is So Difficult

We are getting ready for some pretty awful experiences in Munster and Northwest Indiana.  The 45th Street/Calumet Avenue underpass and rail work are soon going to begin and will last until the end of 2020.  When we see December 2020, most of us are saying, “Yeah, more like spring of 2021.”  However long it takes, we can grouse about it all we want but we cannot stop it.  It is inevitable.  It is necessary.

Hey, instead of whining, I’ve got an idea: What don’t we PREPARE for it?!  Yeah.  Prepare.  You know, that can be a pretty nasty word.  However, if we examine the ways we get around the area and determine alternate routes before being required to use them, that would be to our advantage.  If we decide to add in extra travel time because others will be using those alternate travel routes, that would be to our advantage.  If we decide to find alternate places to shop, eat, or go for entertainment to avoid the high traffic area, that might be to our advantage.

Yeah . . . preparation.

Or, wait until the day it begins and let a stream in invectives hurl from our mouths.

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