Never Thought Of That Before

Did you ever wonder why dogs always seem to stick their heads out of car windows?  My neighbor’s dog did that all the time.  When we got close to their cottage in Michigan, Taffy would begin to pace in the car and stick her nose out the window.  My neighbor would always say, “See, she smells the difference already.  She knows that the cottage is coming up.”

Did you ever think it wasn’t because they are smelling the difference but, rather, that they were trying to smell anything but us? 🙂

Today was kind of a long day for me.  I had the early Mass and then had a lot of office work to finish before leaving for our deanery meeting.  This was our last deanery meeting before taking a break for the summer.  We met at St. Michael Church in Schererville.  While there, we congratulated the associate pastor who celebrated his second ordination anniversary today and we also congratulated our person who will be ordained a priest in twelve days.  He, as you can imagine, is getting very excited.

For that matter, so am I since he is coming to our parish for his first assignment.  It will be nice having a newly ordained to work at the parish and “learn the ropes”.  We are all excited to have him coming aboard.

Happy Anniversary Frs. Gregory and Nate.  Two down, many more to go!

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