Planning Ahead

And, if the above doesn’t work, I have initiated Phase Two of my holiday plan.  I went to my doctors today (eye, general practitioner, cardiologist, and orthopedic surgeon) and gave the offices their annual holiday candies.  So, if the holidays are bad on me and my weight and other blood numbers reflect that, maybe they won’t yell at me as loud.  🙂


One Reply to “Planning Ahead”

  1. You look thinner! I was hoping to see you after Sundays 10:00 Mass and tell you so. Also, Marissa (my Bob’s daughter who has come every weekend from Michigan to help clear and clean Bob’s house) was with me and I wanted to introduce you two. I’m still living in the past, but the future is knocking at my door. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, Father. I’m going to try.

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