Do You Make Room For Him?

I saw this on Facebook today and it really struck a chord.  I was getting ready for our D.A.R.E. graduation program and thinking about the choices our young students will have to face in their lives.  I thought about that in terms of the fact that we are one week away from the celebration of Christmas and that our lives are spent in preparation for His coming.

However, we will not be ready if we do not make a place for Him in our hearts and if we do not keep our souls clean.  I really concentrated on that the past couple of weeks when telling my parishioners that the best way to prepare our souls was to go to confession.  That practice, sadly, has decreased through the years.  As long as the economy is good and we live in relative peace, people often do not feel the need for God in their lives.

The longer we live apart from God, the worse our world will become.  It will not change overnight; but, it will change one person at a time.  We cannot force others to make room for Christ.  We can, however, make changes within ourselves so that we will embrace Him.

There is one week to Christmas.  Is there room in your inn?

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