Yep.  I was evicted today.  When I got to the Pastoral Center, I saw all the furniture from my office (the bishop’s office, that is) lined up in the hallway against the walls.  The company had come in and had begun their work on replacing the carpeting and wallpaper in the bishop’s office.

The bishop’s secretary was evicted as well.  We found a place for her on the other side of the Pastoral Center.  I have a temporary place in another office.  The secretary’s office should be finished tomorrow as they are only replacing her floor.  My office, on the other hand, will not be done until the middle of next week because of the wall paper.

At least it will all be finished in time for the new bishop to arrive.  He’s the one that’s important in this whole matter and not us.

I can’t wait for that day.  February 10th will be evening prayer with the bishop-elect and February 11th will be his ordination.  Kindly keep him in your prayers.

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