GoDaddy’s Migration Team

They’re the best.  That’s all.  Simply the best.

I have two blogs that have resided on an older server at GoDaddy.  A year ago, I upgraded my account to a new server but didn’t have the time or the expertise to migrate my blogs to the new server.  If I lost my one blog (mydailymusing, this blog), I wouldn’t have been too upset.  I would just start anew.  However, I didn’t want to lose the Daily Reflection blog.  That had years worth of reflections on it.

Enter the Migration Team.  Was it free?  No.  It came with a price.  But the price was more than fair.  In fact, for the amount of work, I would say it was cheap.  Did it relieve a lot of stress from me?  You better believe it.

They began the migration this past Monday and put the migrated sites live last night.  One of the sites, this blog, had an issue showing secure because of some of the content in the file structure.  The techs were able to work a quick and easy fix to it by installing a program made for WordPress blogs that have just such an issue.  As quick as that, it was done, the site is secure, and I had to do no work on it myself.

So, once again, Thank You, GoDaddy Migration Team.  You really did a great job!

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