It’s So Nice Not To Have To Worry

There have been times in the past several months that this blog and the Daily Reflection blog “hung up”.  There have been times that I could not get into either blog to add content.  There have been times that content that I put in did not publish at the time designated.

All those issues — I hope, I hope, I hope — are now over since the sites have migrated from an old server to a newer one that has little issues.

Now on to bigger problems such as surviving the weather-related problems I am having.  I think I need to go for an x-ray for my back, the pain is so bad and I wonder how much the arthritis has entrenched itself or if it’s just this darn humidity.  Yuck.  I hate getting older.

To top it off, I’m doing it on less sleep this weekend.  I have to talk at all the Masses this weekend since it’s annual finance report time. 😮

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