2023 Transatlantic Day One

Oh my gosh, folks, this ship is HUGE.  18 decks of loveliness.  I will be doing a lot of exploring the next few days to get pics inside and out.  Let this suffice for a teaser:

Because I’m in a stateroom right next to the hump rooms, I have one of the largest balconies in their categories.  It’s twice the size of others and will provide a lot of relaxation.

This is a view from my slanted balcony of the back third of the ship:

And this was a view from my balcony while in port.  We were just getting ready to set sail:

Dinner tonight in the Main Dining Room brought me to see one of the feature chandeliers of the ship.  I will try to get other pictures of it that do it more justice.

I went to the show after dinner and barely made it through it.  Jetlag is hitting me hard.  So, I’m going to bed and not setting an alarm for tomorrow.  I get up when I get up.  I don’t have excursions planned so I’m not on any time crunch.

g’night, all