A Wonderful Birthday!

Today, we made port in Palma de Mallorca.  I went on an excursion to Valldemossa and Palma.  It was a great time.

We left a bit late since we docked late due to ferry traffic in the ship’s lane.  So, we made it back to the ship right before dinner.  I rushed to my room, threw my jacket on the sofa, took my money and wallet out of my pockets and locked them in the safe, grabbed my Kindle and phone, and rushed to the Main Dining Room.  I was only a couple of minutes late.  When I got to my table, I checked my shirt pocket and realized that I left my key card in my stateroom. 😮  Bummer.

After dinner, I went to Guest Services and they replaced my card right away.  I still felt like a fool, however.

At dinner, even though they know I don’t do dessert, my waiter asked me to stay a moment.  The wait staff and head waiter came to the table with a birthday dessert and a hearty birthday song.  Touching!

Tomorrow, we port in Valencia, Spain, and then we begin our long trek across the ocean (with a couple of island stops along the way.)

The entertainment this evening was Pete Matthews, comedian and juggler.  Look him up on YouTube.  He’s a stitch.

More tomorrow.  g’night