Back At Disney

Well, after a rather eventful travel day, I made it to my room at the Boardwalk.  The morning began with an early rise to get the airport three hours before take off since that is what TSA was suggesting.  The shuttle bus from the hotel had almost zero suspension and I was in the back.  I think I wrenched my back. 😮

TSA screening was a breeze and I found myself waiting at the gate for three hours.  No problem.

When we were getting ready to board, a family came with a screamer in tow.  To be fair, the young boy was clearly autistic but he made it clear that he did not want to be there.  He made it clear at the gate and made it clear all through the flight.  He kept screeching at a decibel that truly hurt my ears.  I don’t know how he didn’t rip up his throat.

So, when I got to the airport in Orlando, I waited for our bus (Mears Connect).  We only waited about twenty minutes but then the ride to the Boardwalk was almost another hour since I was the fourth stop:  Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, Boardwalk, and Dolphin.

When I got to the resort, I checked in at the desk.  I told them that I never received a text giving me my room.  I was told it was because my credit card was declined.  Apparently, Disney never updated my new expiration date when I filled out the information.  That got taken care of.

I went to dinner at Cape May in the Beach Club Resort.  Dinner was good as always.  I’d have no problem recommending the place.

After dinner, I caught a taxi to the nearest Walmart Super Center.  What a mistake.  I found all my stuff in ten minutes but waiting in line to check out for twenty-five minutes.  Fifteen minutes into the wait, they closed the register we were queued up at and had us move to another register.  Other people trying to push in to the newly opened register tried to get us forced out for taking cuts.  Sheesh.

So, I am now back at the resort and justifiably tired after today’s journey.  This deserves an early-to-bed and no alarm being set.

Here is my room.  It is newly refurbished.  So newly, as a matter of fact, as my bell services friend told me, that the room was only brought back to circulation one week ago.

The living room/kitchen

Looking out the living room doors

Views from the balcony

Master Bedroom

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