I Guess I Don’t Have That Big Of A Problem

I was in a meeting most of the morning and afternoon.  This is (supposedly) my day off.  So, when I got home, I thought I would unwind a little bit.  I lemon oiled my deck furniture and then went to the parish office.  After checking my mail, I decided to get on Facebook and see what transpired today.

Lo and behold, there was no Facebook.

I did not have any horrified rage or uncontrollable anxiety.  I thought to myself, “Eh . . . ”  I went to a couple other web pages and then hit the news page.  What do you know.  Facebook was down around the world.

Again, no anxiety.  I’ll just see it if/when it comes back up.

I guess I don’t have a problem at all — at least, with any Facebook addiction.  We’ll leave it go at that instead of discussing other potential foibles.  🙂


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