I Didn’t Know Trees Could Fly

The Knights of Columbus were a little perturbed last week.  Because of the lateness of Thanksgiving this year, they wanted to begin selling Christmas trees the Monday of Thanksgiving week instead of the day after Thanksgiving as they usually do.  However, there was a snafu with the delivery of the trees and they did not come in until closer to Thanksgiving.

They began their tree selling in earnest the day after Thanksgiving.  I never knew trees had wings; however, they have been flying off of the lot!  They sold far more trees this past weekend than ever before.

This evening, when I got home about 7:00 p.m., the back third of the tree lot was already empty.  There are no “extra” trees leaning against the fence and there is a significant gap in the yard.  Holding bricks have already been taken back up because those trees are gone.  They are about a week ahead of themselves in terms of sales.  We should not be in this position until the end of next week.

So, they are grateful.  However, if you are waiting to get your tree, you might want to skedaddle to the parish grounds and pick one up before they are all gone.  If you wait too long and don’t find one, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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