I agree with the above wholeheartedly.  However…

I need my phone with me at all times.  Between diocesan business and parish business, there are times that I get called, and at all hours, and I have to be there to take the call.  All the local funeral directors contact me on my cell phone instead of at the parish because they know that they can get me at all hours on the phone.  A few months ago, it was family business as well since my aunt was very ill and I could get called at all hours of the day or night.

Our electronic convenience has become an electronic umbilical cord that connects us to many people.  We begrudge the fact that we are connected; yet, we would have it no other way.

When I go on vacation, my phone is always with me.  I’m getting ready to leave for vacation on Sunday and it will have to be with me in case anything comes up at the diocese.  When I go on cruises, I make sure that I get the all day wi-fi package so that I can receive texts on my phone.

So, while I am with someone, yes, I would like to show them great respect.  However, my phone is on the counter or the chair or the couch so that, if it goes off, I can respond.  It’s not ideal; but, it’s sometimes necessary.  If I see that it is a call that I do not need to take right away, I let it go to voicemail or I respond to the text later.  But, if it is something that needs to be answered right away, I have to break away and respond.

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