A Gastronomical Feast!

Today was a day of fun and eating and fun eating.

It began this morning with going across the lake to Cape May Character Buffet at Disney’s Beach Club.  The food is always good and the interaction with the characters is always fun.

We had a big breakfast and I told Fr. Brian I wasn’t going to be eating any lunch today especially since we were going to go out to a new restaurant in the evening.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t eat lunch.  Because tonight was a feast!

We went to Jaleo in Disney Springs.  I heard a lot about it, actually, I did a lot of research about it because Fr. Brian said that he wanted to go there this year.  Last year, they were only advertising that it was coming.  He wanted to see what this Spanish tapas restaurant would be like.

Well, we decided to place ourselves in Jose’s hands.  There is an item on the menu that is called Jose’s Way and is described as “When you’re at Jaleo, eat like José! Try a selection of José’s favorite tapas and plates, a culinary journey through España.”  We decided to give it a shot.  The rest of the photos — after the two shots of the inside of the restaurant (one looking at the bar and another looking at the lake in Disney Springs) — are of each of the items that Fr. Brian and I shared.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.

A half pitcher of Spanish sangria (red)

Tomato bread

Gazpacho with beets

Slicing the 48 month cured Iberico ham

Olives (I gave mine to Fr. Brian!)

A salmon cone topped with salmon roe

White beans, olives, garlic, and tomato salad

Honey and pistachio on endive (very tart juices on it)

Tuna, potato, and salmon roe with bread

White beans, parsley, and baby squid

Egg with caviar

Chicken croquetta

Shrimp with garlic and chile

Bread to sop up the garlic oil from the shrimp.  Yum!

Spinach with pine nuts, apple and raisins

It was at this point in time that I asked our waiter if anyone ever cried “uncle” with the food coming out.  He laughed and said that we were almost finished.  Liar.

We had the Iberico ham earlier. Now for the Iberico ribs.

Pasta with squid ink and calamari

A wonderful creme meringue creation with warm chocolate poured over the top 

Clementine oranges, raisins, custard, with vermouth poured over the top

I don’t think I’ll be able to eat for quite a while.  I know, for a fact, that I am going to have to prop my pillows up and sleep on an incline tonight or all that food will try to work its way back up.  But, what a phenomenal meal we had tonight.

Tomorrow night, I am eating at Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Rivera at the brand new Disney’s Rivera Resort.  I’m meeting up with my friends, Trish and Craig, and their daughter, Christina.  I see them every year when I come down to Disney.

Until tomorrow, I bid you a good night.

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