A Very Fair Day

It wasn’t quite so hot today so it made being outside much easier.  This morning, I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I got great shots of some of the animals.  They were a lot closer to the trucks than ever before.

The giraffes and cattle were crossing the road and were right next to our vehicle.  You could almost reach out and touch them.  It was absolutely amazing.

The other thing that was absolutely amazing was that, for the very first time since coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I FINALLY saw the anteater!  Honest.  The very first time.

Late afternoon, I was walking to the skyliner so that I could take it to Disney’s Riviera Resort to join some friends for dinner.  I really, really liked the fact that the boardwalk was relatively empty.  This past marathon weekend, it was jam-packed.  It was nice to see it quiet and peaceful.

This evening, I met up with some of my friends who live down here (and work for the Mouse).  I see them every time I come down.  We had dinner at Topolino’s at Disney’s Riviera Resort.  The meal was magnificent but our friendship is even more so.  Therefore, instead of showing you the meal, how about meeting my friends? 🙂

Trish, Christina, and Craig

I came back from the Riviera Resort on Disney’s Skyliner.  I have to say that I really like this mode of transportation.  Disney has put a lot of thought and planning into it and it is a smooth and quick way between many of the resorts and parks.

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