Finally! Justice Is Served.

I get so tired of scams.  I have deleted so many scam emails in my life on line and have had all sorts of other risky propositions being proposed.  So, it is with great joy that I am able to let you know that all the grief over all the scams has finally paid off.

I received, just now, an email from the Bank of Africa offering restitution to all scam victims.  All I need to do is send my address and personal phone number to them and I am assured of receiving $1,500,000.00 .  Can you imagine that?  One and a half million dollars.

I will be able to retire comfortably.  I can buy a retirement home in Florida as well as a home in the diocese.  I will not have to worry about finances ever again.  I cannot believe the generosity being shown.

It makes all those fake emails that I have received in the past worth it.  Finally, I am receiving some justice.  I cannot wait for the personal delivery in the diplomatic pouch of my restitution money.  Thank you, Africa’s Global Bank, for making things right for all those who have been harassed by scams.

Yeah, right.

You would think that they would, at least, try to get their grammar correct when composing their cheap email messages.


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