I’m Bummed

I had my quarterly checkup with the eye specialist today which included my annual checkup (visual field check, photo’s of my eyes, and dilated exam).  The good news is that there is still no diabetic changes to the eyes.  That always pleases me to no end.

However, the bad news is that the pressure in both of my eyes has gone up from 15 to 22.  Having nerve damage to the optic nerve already, this is very concerning to my doctor and to me.  She told me that the progression of glaucoma often means more meds.  To that end, she is trying me on a third eye drop.  I will take it to my right eye and leave the left alone for a month.  I will go back to see her in a month and see if the new med is helping at all.  If so, I will add that drop for the rest of my life.  If not, she will try a different medication.

She told me a long time ago that her job is to make sure that I do not go blind anytime soon.  I sure hope sure can keep the glaucoma in check because blindness, quite frankly, scares me.  As I said, I’ve already incurred damage to the optic nerves and have already had surgery in one eye to relieve the pressure.

I’ll be on pins and needles for the next month.


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