Ouch, But, Oh Well

The past two days has been gruesome on the stock market and upon my portfolio.  However, the man who began me in the market many years ago told me that it was like riding a roller coaster.  You have to fasten yourself securely in the car and ride the ride.  You can’t stop in the middle of a hill and get off for fear of hurting yourself.

In the past two days, my portfolio has “lost” a little over $7,000.  That’s a lot of money on a priest’s income.  And yet, the money that I have in the account is still higher than the principal that I invested and still making more than a bank could give me in interest.  And, just like a roller coaster plunging down a steep bank, I know that the incline is just ahead.

And the loop de loop.  And the corkscrew.  And the sudden stop.  And the backward fall.  And…

So, anyway, enough about nonimportant things such as money.  Let’s get to what really matters:  people.  Please pray for our parishioners who are preparing to receive the Holy Spirit in Confirmation tomorrow morning.  Please pray that they be open to the incredible gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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