Warm And Wonderful Day

Today, we made port at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Coco Cay.  It really is a spectacular island and the day itself was sunny, warm, and delightfully breezy which kept the heat at bay.

As I returned from the island, I measured up the two ships.  The Enchantment of the Seas is on the left.  It is a Vision class ship with capacity of 2,446 passengers.  The ship on the right is the ship I am on.  It is the Independence of the Seas.  It is a Freedom class ship with a capacity of 4,370 passengers. Before the Oasis class ships, the Freedom class ships were the largest cruise ships in the world.  You could see the difference in size in these pictures.

Tonight’s Dress Code is “Dress to Impress”.  Below is my feeble attempt.  🙂

When I got back from dinner, there was an envelope in my stateroom addressed to “consecutive cruisers”.  That would be me since I am doing back-to-back sailings (a four day/three day).  Instructions on where to meet on the last day in order to be escorted off the ship, pass through customs, and brought right back on the ship were given.  Gonna be easy.

Tonight’s showtime headliner is David Lucas who has been doing comedy, music, juggling and more for 48 years now.  Fantastic act!

Tomorrow is a day at Nassau, Bahamas.

Until then, g’night.

2 Replies to “Warm And Wonderful Day”

  1. You’re looking really good, Father Mike, and judging from the smile on your face, you like what you see, too!! Happy you’re having a good time-you deserve it! But, hey, don’t enjoy it too much. You are far too valuable as a priest!!!!!! GOD be with you. jim miskovich

    1. Thanks so much, Jim. Yes, I -am- enjoying it; but, that’ll just get me ready to come back to the parish. 🙂

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