A Good Checkup

Two days ago, Thursday, May 12, I went to the eye doctor for my “big” checkup.  That would entail the typical pressure check for my glaucoma as well as a visual field test, a digital picture of my optic nerves, and a dilated eye exam to check for all sorts of things including any diabetic changes.

I was going to share all of that with you you Thursday however that also happened to be the death anniversary of my mom and I wanted that to be front and center of the blog.

So, the report is tonight.

My pressures are doing good and even came down slightly, my fields are full, indicating no bad areas in my peripheral vision, and the picture of the nerve showed a slightly more thinning of the nerve in my left eye from damage to the nerve because of the glaucoma.  All in all, though, it was a good appointment.

I see the specialist again in three months for another pressure check.