That could be the key word for today.  This morning at the school Mass, I introduced Steven Caraher, our parish’s seminarian, to the sixth grade class and asked them to adopt him as an honorary sixth grader.  I told them that they will graduate in two years from St. Thomas More and Steven will graduate in two years from theology and be ordained a priest.  They seemed excited to have him as their honorary classmate.  Pray for all of our seminarians, please, as they discern their vocation.

Then, this evening, I met those who are discerning becoming a member of the Parish Pastoral Council here at St. Thomas More.  I thanked them for their willingness and told them that I would pray for them as they discerned putting their name in for selection on Pentecost Sunday.

I am also grateful to our present Pastoral Council Chairperson for giving me permission to welcome the group and then step out.  My head and joints are booming and it was good to be able to come back to the house as they begin their education/discerning process.

Thank you to our Pastoral Council discerners.  Thank you to our vocation discerners.  Prayers for you all!