Thank You, Ted Barron!

Well, today, the last of my furniture that I ordered from Ted Barron in Lynwood, IL came in.  I still couldn’t believe that it took almost eleven months.  Darn “supply chain issues”.  sigh

As I’ve said before, I’m just glad that I’m not living at my condo full time yet.  I’ll be using it more often on my days off now that I have furniture in all the rooms and it feels like home.  Before, I had a lone and old recliner in the living room, a sofa in the gathering room, and a bed set in the master bedroom.  But now, it’s all there.  My weekly days off will be spent there as much as possible and I might even venture there for lunch every so often.

The lighting was not good today because everything was so cloudy anticipating rain.  I’ll have better pictures later but, for now, here’s my new table/chairs:

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