After my morning Mass, I was going to take my day off a bit early since I had to be back at the parish this evening due to an early meeting tomorrow.  So, I went to my condo.

At the condo, I was unable to get into our garage because they were going to power wash it to clear up the debris from a recent fire.  No cars would be allowed in until tomorrow morning.  Well, the weather is really cruddy so I decided that I would just go back to the rectory and veg there.

Early afternoon, I was watching a movie and wham, the power went out.  It came on again a short time later and I had to wait for all of our systems to reset.  Fifteen minutes later, as I was watching my resumed movie, wham, power outage four times in a row before the power came back up.  Again, waited for the rest.

Five different times, with some of the occasions going on and off up to ten times, and I was a very unsettled lad.  It turned out that a power line was down and dangling and sparking and causing surges that shut down the power.  By 5:30 p.m., the power was up and I was a frazzled man.

I just hope I can calm myself down enough to sleep tonight.

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