Panic Mode Back On

I was sitting in my office earlier this afternoon and I heard someone say, “Easter’s only forty days away.”  Awww, come on, don’t do that to me!

The time is flying and there is an incredible amount of “stuff” that has to get accomplished before Easter.  First up, we have a diocesan priests’ meeting next Tuesday.  That same week, we have First Confession on Saturday.  The following week, I have a deanery meeting on Monday and a Diocesan Personnel Board meeting on Tuesday.  The week after that, I have a consultors’ meeting and priests’ council meeting on Thursday and the bishop will be with our parish all day on that Saturday for our Synod day.

That just warms us up for April when we have our CSA Kick off day followed the next week by our Parish Mission from Sunday through Wednesday.  The week after the Parish Mission is Holy Week.  On top of all the services of Holy Week, we also have our Lenten Penance Service.  We generally have it the week before Holy Week but our Parish Mission prohibits us from having the Penance Service at our usual time.

Easter is not even here yet and I’m tired thinking about everything that we have to do to prepare for it.

I have to start thinking about my post-Easter cruise.  I’ll be leaving for a four day cruise on May 6th.  After Easter, and also after First Communion on May 4th, I will be ready to go away and unwind for a while.

Water, balcony, no phones for four days.  I can handle that!

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