Medication Is Important

Did you know that?  Sure you did.  I know that, too.  And, I got proof today.  It was really uncanny.

I received a phone message when I came back to my office after morning Mass.  My cardiologist’s office called with my monthly report.  My pacemaker sent in a report last night.  The technician said that all leads were stable, that fluid levels were good, and that I had seventeen months left on my battery.  She also said that there was one recorded incident in the last month.  For one second, my heart began doing weird things.  She told me to watch myself, get my rest, and make sure to take my meds.

I looked back on the date that she said the incident took place and laughed.  I had half expected to hear that.

On that particular day, I had a very long, stressful day.  I felt out of place.  I also was engaged in a four-and-a-half-hour interview process as a member of an interview committee.  Long story short, after the interviews, I went to the house to eat dinner.  I went to my room to take my afternoon medication and noticed that I never had taken my morning meds, including one of my cardiac medications.  That pill regulates my heart and is, to say the least, rather important since I have so much damage to my heart.

If you don’t take your meds, you can expect problems.  Lesson verified.  Hopefully won’t forget again.  Then again, who knows what I’ll forget.  That seems to be a part of aging.  🙂


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