The presbytery of the cathedral usually has well over one hundred chairs.  This morning, at the Chrism Mass, there were six of us in the presbytery:  one bishop, one deacon, and the four deans of the diocese, each representing his deanery.  We sat well over six feet apart.  It was so surreal.

My heart broke for all the people that I know usually come to this annual Mass.  My eighth graders were scheduled to be at the Mass this week as well; but, we all know that everyone is home because of the pandemic.

I was praying for my associate, Fr. Declan, because this is his first Easter as a priest and there is so much that he will not be able to do because of no one in the church.  His Masses will feel very strange.  I was praying for our bishop as well as he is only a couple months in as a brand new bishop.  This must weigh heavy on him as well.

The pandemic is weighing heavy on most everybody.  I pray, in the midst of all the stress, that you find peace in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  He is greater than all the ills of the world and He will see us through.

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  1. Your words have much meaning behind them, and I will take them to heart. I still have my questions, but I do have something to think about. God Bless! and Thank You.

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